His Own Bright Colors

Book Five in the World Designs Ltd. Series.

What could be more relaxing? An unanticipated holiday takes the three San Martín brothers to the remote peninsula La Guajira in Colombia. Under no obligation to either of their employers, the Gendarmería Nacional of Argentina or the London-based World Designs Ltd., the young men think that at long last, they will have some downtime.

But think again! Their planned trip of leisure takes several unexpected twists. To their annoyance, they manage to get sucked into a murder investigation. The discovery of the body unearths a conspiracy to smuggle cocaine from Colombia into neighboring Venezuela. Then, with their luck running from bad to worse, they find themselves caught in the crosshairs of a long-running family feud in the northern peninsula.

However, it is the entrance of one small Wayuu boy who materializes on the center stage of the action that turns upside down not only their holiday, but also their lives.

2 thoughts on “His Own Bright Colors

  1. Bonnie, I just finished reading “His Own Bright Colors” ….what a grand tale! And your writing…how effortless it appears now….with great use of metaphors..so many facts/details woven in that make the situations real to the reader. The progression since i read a few of your first story drafts back in Buenos Aires years ago is astounding to me. Now there is “lightness” and subtle humor that I love to hear…what a great way to learn about Columbia and its history.

  2. Jamye, what a pleasure to hear from you. As you know, I love Colombia, and particularly the remote peninsula La Guajira. I’m afraid that there are terrible troubles on the Peninsula now. According to the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA), the Ranchería River has been dammed and privatized, leaving the Wayuu people without access to water. The result: tens of thousands of Wayuu children are malnourished, and thousands are dead from starvation. http://www.iwgia.org › News

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