The World Designs Ltd. Series

Good day, everyone,

I’m Bonnie Ridley Kraft, the author of a fiction series.  I am originally from the United States (Wyoming and Oregon for the most part), and now I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The series title and theme follows World Designs Ltd., an organization that involves itself in international politics, economics, and justice.  And anything else that attracts their attention, such as trafficking in illegal drugs.

Book One of the series, The Kámen, is set in 1990 Czechoslovakia, just after the fall of communism.  Operatives of World Designs Ltd. take on a Colombian drug lord who is out to purchase priceless, ancient treasures that belong to the country.  Providing the access to the treasures is a colonel of the old order who plans his escape from the country using the drug lord’s money.

Book Two, The Long Way Home, finds a World Designs Ltd. operative in Amsterdam and Bruge, Belgium.  Again he tangles with the same drug lord, with the additional complication of two Colombians who come along for the ride.

Book Three, To Hold a Rainbow, was released in November 2012.  This time the World Designs Ltd. operatives turn up in Argentina.  They join with the Argentina Gendarmería Nacional in an attempt to break up a drug trafficking scheme at the Three Frontiers, the conjoined borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Book Four, A Land Without Morning, with an August 2013 release date, brings World Designs Ltd. to Afghanistan.  The operatives are still battling illicit drug trafficking, and this time the product is opium.  But the focus of their mission changes, as they attempt to rescue a young woman who was kidnapped as a result of her progressive views on the education of women.

And Book Five, His Own Bright Colors, became available in June 2015. The young men take a break from their work with World Designs Ltd. for a long-overdue holiday in the peninsula La Guajira of Colombia. But trouble finds them, and they become involved in a murder case and a long-running family feud. And most profoundly, with a little child of the indigenous Wayuu people.

These books are available through and, as perfect bound paperbacks or as eBooks, and also through iBooks.

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